In baseball, most of the buzz is around what’s been happening in the major league these days. It is nice to notice that while, these days, you will always have your glory supporters – those young and fickle minds who tend to chop and change only backing the proverbial winning horses, in season mostly – there are still those you will always regard as your loyal supporters. You get them in droves on Instagram. Instagram is by now the world’s leading social media platform. Indeed, it is a winning horse.

But by associating yourself with Instagram, it is nowhere close to what it might be like going down to the race track. Because there you will always be backing a horse that may or may not win. There is just no way of telling. Unless, of course, you just happen to have access to the inside track, learning that the race has been fixed and for a commission, you get to pick a winner. Good luck with that if this is you. In business, however, it is sometimes feasible and really quite ethical to take a gamble every once in a while.

But then again, you can’t really call this a gamble. Usually, if you are an experienced entrepreneur, you’re not really gambling. It’s more like you’re acting on a hunch. You do that a lot when you need to go out there and do your marketing research and development before you put together an attractive blurb that a majority of targeted folks will be buying into. R & D work is really quite easy on an Instagram platform. To locate your target market, you can start with the Places tab. And then you can tap into your niche area.

Or you can do this the other way round. Job gets done quicker these days because everyone likes Instagram. Seems to be the case these days. Your task is to get up there with Instagram’s big leaguers. They are usually referred to as influencers. And they are generally trending on a regular basis. There are many tasks you can immerse yourself in to make your Instagram platform work in your favor. Of course, it all depends on what kind of products and/or services you intend putting out there.

And it could also depend on your personal (and unique) creative style. By way of example, five suggested tasks are mentioned here briefly. One of them was already mentioned earlier, that being utilizing the Instagram Places tab. Further tasks include networking with leading influencers on a regular basis and regular editing work to alleviate the bracket creep of unwarranted, undesirable or unwanted tagged photos or images. Many of these even qualify as trolls. It is sickening and sad to say that not even the great Instagram is able to keep a lid on this.

Uniqueness has been mentioned. Finally, keep to a positive tone throughout and be consistently persuasive in making your call to action clear to your visitors.

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