Social media is fun and you should be a part of it all. If you own a small business social media can help you build a name for your company and stand out above the crowd. Tons of social media platforms exist and it is possible to use each of them to your benefit. However, one of the best sites to be a part of is Instagram.

If you’re not using IG to promote your business, it is time to get with the program and kick your campaign into gear. Here are seven of the top reasons to use IG for your business promotional needs.

1- Get Free Likes & Followers

So many companies sell Instagram followers and likes and if you want to get ahead of the competition, you’ll be amongst those who spend their money on this marketing technique. Not only is it affordable, a lot of companies make it easy to get free likes and followers just for the asking. Nothing is better than free so make sure to take advantage of the marketing technique.

2- Popular

Everyone uses social media these days, so it seems. Why shouldn’t you be a part of the fun? It is easy to find something to fill your time and entertain your when using social media. And, with tons of sites to use in addition to IG, it is easy to mix things up and get the variety that spices life up.

3- Free & Affordable

Instagram is free to use. It is easy to make a page and you can choose from a personal account or a business account. There are affordable tools that you can use to further market your brand on the site if you so choose but there is no obligation to do so. It is up to you to decide how to use the platform

4- Easy

No one wants to promote their business using tools that make life difficult. Luckily, IG won’t ever cause you to break a sweat. Browse around the site, play around with things, and you’ll instantly have that connection that allows you to easily use the social media site to its fullest advantage. The benefits are waiting for you!

5- Increase in Popularity

More than 300 million people use Instagram every day. These people are looking for people to connect with. It is possible to gain instant popularity when using the site. If you are promoting a small business, it is simple to create a name for your brand.

6- Photos Speak What Words Do Not

IG is all about the photos and provides the chance to tell plenty of great stories through your photographs. It’s a new way to correspond with fans and congregate with a larger audience.

7- Reveal Your Company’s Personality

Your personality says a lot about you. When using social media, it is much easier to build connections with your audience by giving them a glimpse of your personality. It is easy to have fun on social media and connect with other people.

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