Have you ever lived long enough to remember one of the all-time famous classic American TV sitcoms? It’s a half-hour show called Everybody Loves Raymond. But if you’re millennial in age and typically busy, you can quickly stream a few episodes of this award-winning show. It’s almost guaranteed that you’ll be hooked, just as you are to your social media life, particularly on Instagram. It’s actually a family favourite tool when you think about it. The likes for Insta pics are not just coming from the followers, it’s coming from the family folks too.

The senior folks love it because as busy as you all seem to be these days; families hardly ever seem to be able to make time to spend together over the weekend. And of course, families are scattered across the country. It’s pretty big out there and who’s got time to travel to and fro every once in a while even. You usually have to leave it to the end of the year when you’ve got your vacation time coming up.

Speaking of which, this is a great time to be associated with Instagram, because it is at this time you can capture all the glorious moments of your easy time off and send it off to the ones you love. Of course, they never have to wait long to receive their photos because it reaches them almost instantly. It’s so quick, but it does nothing to cause you to miss the good old days when all you had was the snail mail and good old Postman Pat.

That’s another show from even further back. This one for the kids. Maybe you’re old enough to remember cheery old Postman Pat. Maybe this show never went out your way but here again, you could just stream for your kids. The episodes are only about five minutes long each way so it’s hardly a chunk out of your busy day. The big kids should watch it too because this old man is a good example to follow.

No matter what, come rain or shine, or snow, and he’s always got a pile of mail to deliver, he’s always got a smile for you. He’s so positive about everything and everyone. And that’s how you should be on Instagram. It’s visually oriented so here’s your opportunity to put on your biggest and best smile. Does this seem like going overboard? Does this seem like saying too much? Is it asking too much of you to smile today?

No matter how hard your day’s been, you should at least try. You could practice this so that it doesn’t look like you’re passing over a poker face. Because that’s something of you your future followers would like to see. The real you. The real and genuine deal. Speaking of which, if you’re going to be using the platform for your business, that visually obvious positive outlook really works, you know.

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